Whatever the boss wants!

What we see...

The party encounters a war band of orcs. There is one huge one who is obviously the leader, 8 smaller orcs, and a few kobold slaves.

During combat, the party's healer—standing towards the back of the group— casts a healing spell on one of his damaged allies. Immediately after doing this, the orc leader stops, looks at the healer and bellows in rage. 

The orc and kobold lackeys—attracted by this gutteral scream of anger—turn to look at their boss. The leader points directly at the healer and screams once again.

The soldiers turn to look at the healer that their boss is pointing at and, with their own war cries, immediately charge the healer.

What's happening...

This sequence is very simply done by using the tagging system in the IAUS. Behaviors can be specified to:

  • Detect tags on other agents
  • Apply tags to itself and other agents
  • Remove tags from itself and other agents

Specifically in this case, the following things are happening:

  • The healer puts the "healing magic" tag on themself.
  • The orc has a behavior that detects the "healing magic" tag which causes him to bellow, point, and place the "Orcs Look At Me" tag on himself
  • The minions have a behavior that detects the "Orcs Look At Me" tag, and the look at the tagged entity
  • After a pause from his original bellow, the leader screams and points at the healer, removing the "Orcs Look At Me" tag from himself and placing the "Orc Leader Target" on the healer
  • The minions have a high priority behavior that detects the "Orc Leader Target" tag and supercedes what they were doing to charge and attack the healer

Gameplay Examples

More than just simple, "if this then that" behaviors.

Look at some of the examples of things that our tech can do!

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