IA's Techs

Bringing life to games... easier

Our technologies can be used completely independant of each other.

However, they are designed to be used together.


Utility AI

Our IAUS utility AI system gives designers the power they need to create robust, dynamic behaviors!



Our Imap system provides agents with knowledge of the spatial information in the world - both fixed and dynamic!



Our procedural dialog system allows designers to create filtered, contextual text communications.



Our name generation system saves designers the effort of coming up with 100s or 1000s of new names.

Emergent Behavior

One of the main focuses of our approach to game AI is to support and encourage "emergent behavior." Rather than the experience being tightly scripted and—as a result—both predictable and brittle, the behaviors that can result from our technologies not only react in dynamic and realistic ways, but enter that wonderful realm of adapting to the changing world around it.

We avoid "predictible" on one side of the spectrum and "completely random" on the other side. Instead, we shoot for behaviors that are "reasonable." Our goal is for the the player to say, "Oooh... I wasn't expecting that. I can see why he did it, but I wasn't expecting it."

After all, that's what dealing with life is all about.


Gameplay Examples

More than just simple, "if this then that" behaviors.

Look at some of the examples of things that our tech can do!

(Click to read an in-game example.)

What it is all about...

From Consulting to Middleware

In 2002, Intrinsic Algorithm started as a game development company. In that process, we developed our own AI technologies and ways of approaching character behavior—largely because we needed more than what was already out there in order to get what we thought character behavior should be like.

As other people and companies caught wind of what we were doing, this led us to doing consulting and contract work for studios around the world.

As we continued, we created our various products for use from one client to the next.

And now they are available to YOU!



Our code has been used in numerous projects.  It has been improved and debugged in many itterations over many years.   


Data Tools

Almost all of the features of our various technolgies are data-driven. Once set up, the power is in the hands of the designer!

Customize It 

For You

Our licenses provide you the source code to customize to your needs or desires. It isn't a walled-off mystery. Add, change, and optimize!  



Our manuals are all online and will be constantly updated as features are added. Additionally, we will offer text and video tutorials on getting the most out of the systems.

Our Projects

Intrinsic Algorithm's Game Tech has been used by a variety of companies

on a number of different types of projects.

There have been other projects that our tech has been successfully used on that are not listed here

either because the product did not ship or we are not legally allowed to discuss it.

IA's Offerings

With our background in consulting and contract work but also developing our software suite, we can provide any mix of services that you need.

From hands-off "grab and go" to personalized on-site work.



Our technology packages are ready to be installed into your code base and hooked up. Just download and go!

On-Site or Off-Site

Contract Work

Decide you would rather have our expertise working with you? For years we have done a mix of on-site and off-site contract AI development. And we'll bring the software with us!



Advice and Input

Sometimes you just need some input on how to make things better. We are available for practical and experienced advice on getting the most out of your behaviors.


Tutorials and Demos

On this site, there will be an ever-increasing number of tutorial videos and demos about all our products as well as general best practices for making your AI better. Some will be free and others will be for license-holders.

License Packages

Our software products will be available to be licensed. We will eventually have versions in both C++ and C# to make them available to the widest possible array of users. We haven't completed the package or pricing details yet.

Keep checking back!


We plan to make some of our packages available to students at a very reduced rate.

Obviously, usage will be limited.

Coming Soon!

AAA Studio

Large studios will be able to license any or all of our products for full use and with full access to the source code.

This will not be on a "per title" basis but rather on a per-facility one. Once your studio owns the code, it can be used for all titles.

Coming Soon!

Small Studio

Small, independant studios will have a reduced rate for licensing as well as a potential delay in paying the majority of the license fee.

(Details to come later.)

Coming Soon!