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Game Name is a game. This is where the initial description of the game goes. Note that you don't have to get too in-depth here since we are linking to the game page there.


Description of AI

This is where you can make a general blurb about the game's AI. It would be a good place to mention any "wish list" stuff they were trying to do. Also include any restrictions or limitations such as the memory on older machines as an example.


What kind of architectures were used. If you are going to mention one by name, such as a Behavior Tree, you should use the external link like I did just then.

Notable Behaviors

Did the game do any thing special?


This is where we can describe how well it went over. Use the typical "pros, cons, lessons learned" format that we are used to seeing.

What Worked

What went right?

What Didn't Work

What went wrong?

Lessons Learned

Was there anything that they realized didn't work? What was the takeaway from a development standpoint?

Reception by Public

It wouldn't hurt to put stuff in here about how the game was received by the public. If you are going to put in a link to a review, this would be a good place to do it.


If you cite an article, presentation, etc., this is where you put the links to it. Think of it like a bibliography in a book.

External Links

This is where you should link to the game's website or other mundane stuff.

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