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The AI Game Programmers Guild Public Wiki

On this page, you will find content created by the members of the AI Game Programmers Guild for purposes of passing on knowledge and understanding of game AI. While titled as "public", this wiki is not open to be edited by the general public in the traditional manner of wikis. By "public", we mean that this is a space for the AIGPG members to assemble and communicate collective information to the public that is dynamic in nature.

What This Wiki Will Host

We plan to use this space for a number of purposes.

Documentation of the History of Game AI

Primarily, a good portion of this site will be used to support one of the stated goals of the AIGPG -- that of documenting the history and progress of game AI over the years. This process is only just beginning (specifically, 7/1/2011). Given the nature and scope of the project, will take a significant amount of time to even scratch the surface. Please be patient with us, but check back often!

What This Wiki is NOT

While the AIGPG is working on establishing a recommended AI curriculum for the formal instruction of game AI, this page is not intended to be an instructional course in how to program AI for games. There are plenty of books and other web sites available that assist in that endeavor. You can also find educational material on game AI by visiting the blogs of AIGPG members and the papers and lecture presentations they have given.

Additionally, you will not find a definition of terms on this site. We find no value in duplicating the effort that is being done by a worldwide user base on sites such as Wikipedia.

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