Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos

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Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
Developer: Particle Systems Ltd.
Publisher: Infogrames
Year: 2001
Platforms: PC
Genre: Space Combat Sim.
AI Era: Tactical Reasoning

Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos is a space combat simulation game in the style of the game "Elite". Players pilot their upgradable spacecraft around the galaxy for trade, piracy, special missions, and, when necessary, combat.


Description of AI Behavior

The primary purpose of the A.I. was to execute scripted orders. This included navigation of Newtonian vessels using thruster groups, turret based and hard mounted weapon combat, shield usage and hyperspace navigation. All of which dynamically reacted to the properties and current damage status of the ship.

Notable Behaviors

The autopilot, and remote link, ability of the ships. The ability of the A.I. to attempt to fly/maintain combat even under seemingly crippling damage. Ship docking procedures and implicit traffic control at stations and jump points.


Inverse Kinematics

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Another Architecture


What Worked

A small A.I. script tool set

A tight contract between the scripting language and code provided designers with only a limited A.I. vocabulary. A Group object for assembling fleets, Relationships between groups, Formations and high-level Orders. The rest was handled by code, with any further refinement being by script settors using light parameterisation.

The wins were two fold. Design didn't have to micro manage the A.I. There was plenty of scope in the above to do pretty much what they needed. On the code side, combat and navigation were organic, with little notable difference between mission ships and random traffic. As such nothing ended up looking really scripted.

Individual Good Thing

Something really went well.

What Didn't Work

Individual Bad Thing

Something really sucked.

Individual Bad Thing

Something really sucked.

Lessons Learned

Reception by Public

(Was there positive or negative reception from the players and/or media?)


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