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Part of the mission the AI Game Programmers Guild is to further the advancement of game AI. However is not entirely limited to the discovery of new knowledge and research. We are interested in helping the industry as a whole by helping to ensure that new AI programmers are armed with the necessary core knowledge to make an impact. Unfortunately, we have found that many educational systems — even those that are geared specifically towards game development — are at a loss as to what techniques would be of the most benefit to students looking to enter game development as AI programmers.

To that end, we are in the process of attempting to achieve a Guild consensus on what would be valuable knowledge and experience for an educational institution to offer as a part of their AI courses.

Due to the complex nature of putting together a unified document on this subject, this is still a discussion in progress. Check back soon for more information.

While the AIGPG is working on establishing this curriculum for the formal instruction of game AI, this page is not intended to be an instructional course in how to program AI for games. There are plenty of books and other web sites available that assist in that endeavor. You can also find educational material on game AI by visiting the blogs of AIGPG members and the papers and lecture presentations they have given.

Additionally, you will not find a definition of terms on this site. We find no value in duplicating the effort that is being done by a worldwide user base on sites such as Wikipedia.

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