Important AI Sites

The following are web sites that members of the guild believe hold information relevant to game AI. This does not ensure that all content on these sites is entirely relevant nor should it be construed that the AIGPG sponsors this content in any way. The links are merely provided for informational purposes only.

There are 12 sites listed in the database.

Site Name Description
  AI Depot A collection of articles and information from Alex Champandard BEFORE he started AIGameDev
  AI Junkie Site created and maintained by Mat Buckland, author of Programming Game AI by Example
  AI Wisdom The home of the AI Game Programming Wisdom series of books. Contains many article summaries from the series.
  AIGameDev The single largest source of articles, interviews, and information about game AI. Includes papers, interviews, live masterclasses, and active forums on game AI.
  Boids (Flocks, Herds, and Schools) Craig Reynolds explanation and demo of flocking via individual application of steering behaviors
  Forums at Very active forums on game AI.
  Game AI Facebook group Public Facebook group for anyone interested in AI for games.
  Game Trees Explanation of game trees and minmax. Includes java programming stepping through a game tree.
  Kirupa Game/AI Forums Forums about game AI specifically geared toward Flash programming
  Marvin Minsky's Personal Page MIT-based home page of the well-storied AI researcher. Lots of links incl. to his books.
  Practical Game AI Beginnings of a database by Baylor Wetzel enumerating common AI faults in games.
  Steering Behaviors For Autonomous Characters A collection of demos and descriptions of various steering behaviors by Craig Reynolds.

(More to come soon!)

Additionally, you may want to peruse the blogs, papers and presentations of some of our members.