Relevant Research, Papers, and Presentations

The following links are to items of interest that have been written or presented by members of the AI Game Programmers Guild. In them, you will find information that people have felt is very relevant to the advancement of game AI. In the future, we hope to begin offering peer-reviewed papers and articles as well.

Please note that some of these links may lead to content that is behind subscription or membership-only walls, and/or may be available for a fee. They are included here as a convenience to those who are either members of those sites or who are interested in purchasing access to that material. Because the AIGPG is not responsible for the content or availability of these links and how their status might change, we have not identified which are paid and which are free. We apologize for any confusion, inconvenience, or outright disappointment that may result in learning the status of this material after the jump.

Showing 1 papers or presentations.

Author/Speaker Name/Title Event/Pub. Year Links
Kevin Dill A Goal-Based Architecture for Opposing Player AI AIIDE

(More to come soon!)

Please note that many papers and other relevant material can be found in the many books that have been published on game AI.