How do I get involved?

Photo ©2009 Dave Mark

The AI Game Programmers Guild is a private organization whose primary means of internal communication is through a private Google Group. The advantage of this is that the discussions that take place there generally have a high "signal-to-noise" ratio. There are no beginners or hobbyists. There are not thousands of unknown "lurkers" and certainly no "griefers". Additionally, many of our members would not feel as comfortable discussing highly technical information relating to their jobs in a public forum. By limiting our discussions to "colleagues," we achieve a level of comfort that we feel is not as available elsewhere.

What are the qualifications?

Members must have direct involvement in game AI through the creation of commercial games, game industry publications, or game industry events. Examples of this include:

So where's my invite?

If you meet these qualifications, please fill out the membership request form and we will get back to you!