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AIGPG Members: 657

Papers/Presentations: 117
... from # of Venues: 15
... by # of People: 53

Member Blogs: 19

Relevant AI Sites: 12

Papers and Presentations:

By the very nature of their work, our members have formally presented their information in a variety of ways. These include writing papers—academic, professional, and otherwise, lectures at events such as the various Game Developers Conferences, AAAI's conference on Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE), AIGameDev's Paris AI Conference, and more. We provide a list of links to presentations in their various forms. Some content is even linked to in different formats—for example, a given entry might have slides in both ppt and pdf formats as well as video.

Please note that this database is constantly growing as past content is added and new events take place. Please check back.


Many of our members are avid bloggers on game AI, academic AI, or even simply game development in general. While less topically focussed than the papers and presentations, we provide links to these blogs in the hopes that you can find nuggets of wisdom in them. After all, sometimes the best find is one that you weren't looking for in the first place!