Books Relevant to Game AI

The following are books that AIGPG members have either written or found useful in the design and programming of game AI. Each of these has a different role for different audiences -- beginner to advanced. We recommend using the information on each book's Amazon page -- especially the user reviews -- to make a decision about which book(s) might be right for you.

The Game Programming Gems books in the 2nd pane below are not completely dedicated to AI. Each one does, however, contain a significant AI section. This, in addition to other interesting game development material makes them a useful addition to a game programming library nonetheless.

For more information on the contents of the AI Game Programming Wisdom series and the AI sections of the Game Programming Gems series, please visit

The books below may not specifically related to game AI, but contain information on psychology, game theory, randomness, storytelling, and other aspects of behavior that can be applied to the design of game characters.

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