2011 GDC AI Summit Rant Video

GDC has released the video of the 2011 AI Summit session, “Turing Tantrums: AI Devs Rant” for free on the GDC Vault.

From the GDC site description:

Sometimes things just need to be said. Saying them out loud in a room filled with (hopefully) like-minded people just makes it all the more interesting and cathartic. Five AI developers from all corners of the industry will deliver quick, to-the-point rants about what’s on their mind.

This rant features (in order):

  • Richard Evans responding (in very amusing fashion) to Steve Rabin’s suggestion from the prior year that you shouldn’t create your own scripting language.
  • Kevin Dill complaining that we should be reusing our code more often. (“Quit Throwing the Behavior out with the Bathwater”)
  • Mike Lewis proclaiming “Iterate or Die!”
  • Brian Schwab reminding us all what the point of game AI is.
  • Dave Mark (unintentionally sotto voce) pointing out that having nifty tools isn’t the most important thing.



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