History of Game AI Project

Part of the stated mission the AI Game Programmers Guild is to document the history of game AI. To facilitate this, the AIGPG has launched a wiki-based project on the History of Game AI. We intend for this to be a game-by-game look at AI over the years. The content will be drawn from documented information from lectures, papers and presentations as well as inside looks from the designers and programmers who actually worked on the titles.

Over time, the members of the AIGPG will be adding information about past and current game titles including:

  • The types of AI used
  • Tidbits of information that made them special
  • Possible commentary from the designers and programmers
  • Source code (when available)

There are a few examples filled out already ranging from classics such as Pac-Man through landmark games such as The Sims to modern titles such as Halo 3. For a complete list of the titles in progress, visit the index page.

We hope that documenting this history will provide the game community as a whole with valuable educational information.

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