The Next Vector: Improvements in AI Steering Behaviors #GDC #AISummit

For this session, Andrew Fray and Graham Pentheny tap into the power of steering behaviors and explain how they can augment and improve traditional pathfinding…

The Next Vector: Improvements in AI Steering Behaviors (GDC Link)

Format: 60-minute Lecture

Speakers: Andrew Fray, Graham Pentheny

While not receiving as much attention as their pathfinding kin, there is little denying that steering behaviors have their place in modern games. However, as with any technology, traditional steering behaviors have their edge cases and quirks. This lecture will present examples of how steering behaviors have advanced recently and how they can be used to provide more realistic movement in demanding situations. In one example, we will show how steering enabled the rapid coordinated movement of hundreds of agents in the mobile game, Fieldrunners 2. In another, we will present the method used in a AAA racing game which fixed some of the common problem that occur with traditional steering algorithms.

The session shows multiple techniques to apply steering behaviors as standalone solutions or to augment existing pathfinding.


Andrew Fray
Senior Engineer, SEGA Hardlight
Andrew is currently a senior engineer at SEGA Hardlight in the Midlands, UK, where he works on mobile and digital games. Previously he was senior AI programmer at Codemasters where he worked on titles such as Operation Flashpoint, Dragon Rising, and the F1 series of racing games.

Graham Pentheny
Software Engineer, Subatomic Studios LLC
Graham Pentheny leads AI development at Subatomic Studios in Cambridge, MA, where he recently worked on the iOS games Fieldrunners and Fieldrunners 2. He received a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Interactive Media and Game Development from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In his spare time he reads an unhealthy number of books on AI and programming language theory, and is an avid musician.

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