AIGPG Compiling New Book of Game AI Papers

The AI Game Programmers Guild is announcing a new initiative to collect industry knowledge on game AI and put it in the public’s hands. From 2002 through 2008, this role was filled, in part, by the AI Game Programming Wisdom series of books edited by AIGPG co-founder, Steve Rabin. The AIGPW books were a spin-off of the larger and broader Game Programming Gems books started in 2000 by Mark DeLoura. Unfortunately, due to declining sales, the series was not continued into a 5th book. The remaining AI-related articles were funneled back into the Gems series.

This decision and its ramifications was received with disappointment by authors and readers alike. In particular, the members of the AI Game Programmers Guild discussed ways of addressing this void and what role the AIGPG could play in a solution.

After a 5 year break, we are pleased to announce that a new “AI Wisdom-like” book project is being undertaken! The project will once again be under the guidance of Wisdom editor, Steve Rabin. The content, however, will be supplied by the almost 350 professional AI programmers of the AIGPG. As such, the series is being re-branded as “Collected Wisdom of Game AI Professionals.

The focus of the series will be tried and true techniques from actual games. While there may be articles that address experimental or cutting-edge techniques, we do not expect the book to contain large amounts of academic research that, while potentially interesting, was often of marginal use to “in the trenches” game AI developers. This approach is similar to how the AIGPG tries to fill the yearly GDC AI Summit with solid technique and takeaways.

The papers will be selected from a combination of the traditional submission/acceptance model and a more hand-picked model of individuals or small collaborative groups “assigned” to work on a topic. While the majority of the content will come from inside the professionals of the AIGPG, outsiders are welcome to submit provided the technique is directly related to game AI. (At which point the question would be, “why aren’t you in the AIGPG in the first place?”)

For more information on submitting to this new book, please see more information on Steve Rabin’s web site,



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