AI Summit Slides and Videos on GDC Vault!

The GDC Vault is back up and running post-GDC. That means you can get your hands on some of the content from the AI Summit. If you had an All Access pass for this year, you can watch videos of all the GDC sessions (including, of course, the AI Summit). Even if you did not attend GDC, however, you can still get the slides from the sessions for free!

Note that they are running a beta on the Vault right now. They are checking into the viability of selling individual subscriptions for people who did not attend GDC. You might want to fill out their inquiry form and see what this is all about.

Remember, if you have GDC Vault access because you were a speaker or had an All Access pass, you can view sessions from prior years as well! That means you can catch up on the other 3 AI Summits too! For your convenience, we have linked those sessions from our Papers & Presentations page on the AIGPG site. We will be adding direct links to the 2012 videos and slides on this page shortly so that you can always return to find a convenient list of sessions.

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