Congratulations to Dr. Ben Sunshine-Hill and Brian Schwab!

At the Game Developers Conference the past few years, one of the speaker’s gifts is a deck of cards showing the top-rated speakers of the prior year. Two people from each Summit and Tutorial are selected with the remaining cards being the GDC staff and the highest-rated speakers from the main conference.

This year’s deck featured AI Summit speakers Dr. Ben Sunshine-Hill (although he wasn’t a Dr. at the time) from UPenn (now at Havok) for his lecture about his “Alibi Generation System” for crowd AI, and Brian Schwab (Blizzard) for his lecture (with Dave Mark) on using randomness in AI.

Ben Sunshine-Hill and Brian Schwab -- MVPs of the 2011 GDC AI Summit

Prior year’s MVPs included:

  • 2009: Damián Isla and Peter Gorniak
  • 2010: Alex Champandard and Michael Dawe

The only problem that we here at the AI Game Programmers Guild see with this formula is that the folks that present at the AI Summit all seem to be MVPs!

We look forward to seeing who the 2 MVPs will be from the 2012 AI Summit… it’s hard to wait a whole year to find out!

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