GDC AI Summit: Turing Tantrums – AI Devs Rant!

Once again, the traditional AI rant session will be a part of the GDC AI Summit. The rants have historically been one of the highest-rated sessions in the Summit and we expect this year to be no exception!

From the GDC site description:

Sometimes things just need to be said. Saying them out loud in a room filled with (hopefully) like-minded people just makes it all the more interesting and cathartic. Seven AI developers – and one AI evangelist designer – from all corners of the industry will deliver quick, to-the-point, and often humorous, rants about what’s on their mind regarding game AI.

This year’s rants will feature Dave Mark (Intrinsic Algorithm), Michael Dawe (Big Huge/38 Studios), Kevin Dill (Lockheed Martin), Brian Schwab (Blizzard), David “Rez” Graham (EA/Maxis), Neil Kirby (Alcatel Lucent), Stéphane Bura (Storybricks), and Mike Treanor (UCSC).

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