Annual AIGPG Dinner

Photo ©2009 Dave Mark

Each year, the AIGPG takes the opportunity of the week of GDC and the AI Summit to get together for an annual social event. In 2011, over 40 AIGPG members and special guests gathered for 3 hours of food, drinks, and good times. (Please note that this event is not to be confused with the long-running AI Programmers Dinner at GDC that is hosted by Neil Kirby — typically the last night of GDC.)

You can see pictures taken at the 2009 and 2010 AIGPG parties on Dave Mark's Flickr site. (Other links to follow.)

Historically, the dinner takes place on the evening prior to the beginning of the AI Summit (and, therefore, GDC). AIGPG members will be notified well in advance as plans for the 2012 AIGPG Dinner get underway. Additionally, there has been consideration given to holding AIGPG dinners at other events and in other locations — for example, in Los Angeles during E3, in Austin during GDCO, and during the PAX and LOGIN events.

For the past 2 years, the AIGPG dinner has been sponsored in part by Thanks to them, guild members have been able to participate in this excellent event for an incredibly reasonable price. Our collective thanks go out to Alex and Petra Champandard for their support of the AIGPG!