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One of the missions of the AI Game Programmers Guild is to catalog information relating to the study and implementation of AI in games. However, because there are so many manners in which this information is being presented on the interent already, in many cases we thought it only necessesary to link to the existing content.

AI Sites:

The web sites listed in this section are simply ones that the AIGPG has found relevant to AI-related work—both for games and in general. Some of them are specifically targeted to information and others are larger collections. Additionally, there are links to community forums where AI is the focus.


Lastly, a question that comes up often is, "what books do you recommend that I read to learn about game AI?" While some of us have our favorites, the guild as a whole doesn't necessarily seek to sponsor any one book or author. In fact, as with many organizations and topcis, there is even disagreement within the Guild as to what books are better than others. Instead, we provide links to suggested reading material that seems to come up often in discussion. We encourage you to use the community-generated information at your disposal through sites such as to investigate each author and title so you can make the decision that is right for you.